Tips to be Followed by Solo Women Travelers

Many women, young and old, proceed to journey on their own. Anyone can do it only by doing some analysis and taking some precautions. Try to discover how it makes you feel when you think of traveling alone. Are you scared or excited? There must be a mixed feeling. However, you keep praying that the journey turns out well and you return back after a safe, smooth and enjoyable trip.solo independent traveler

Despite your wish & pray, theft and harassment are two of the biggest concerns that come on the way of women traveling alone. Offering a mix of joy & challenges, this journey of solitude can make them facing several problems. Despite feeling the incredible sense of freedom, solo woman travelers should follow some tips to make their journeys really wonderful.

Arrive before Sunset: Wherever you are traveling, always remember the fact that your arrival time in a new city/area/town should be during the day. It doesn’t let you being caught in an awful situation. You reach your destination on time and can find your destination before it gets darker.

Determine Safety in Hotels: Ask for a room close to the elevator so you don’t need to walk long. On guest registration forms simply write the first initial of your name and skip the “Mrs/Miss/Mr” check box. While leaving the keys at the front desk during going out, make sure that the front desk clerk keeps the keys safely. Never give a clue to anyone that suggests you are alone at hotel or on journey.

Dress-Up Properly: Your attire is an important thing that conveys several things about you. Traveling on flights or staying in hotels, dress-up conventionally & avoid attracting unnecessary attention. It doesn’t mean you should choose any traditional attire but wear something decent that doesn’t make you eye-catching.

Recognize Whom to Mix with: Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to be alone forever on your journey. Traveling solo is exciting, but in plenty of situations, a company can give a more pleasurable experience. Hotels and flights are perfect places to find compatible people for traveling but always be very particular in being buddy up. Otherwise, a wrong company can put you in danger.solo independent traveler1

Keep Important Contacts Ready: If you are traveling to a new place and have less idea about its rules & regulation, prepare a diary and jot down important contact numbers in that area along with adding the same in your mobile. The contacts are inclusive of Police control room, Ambulance and Women Helpline Number.

Be in Touch: It is mandatory for women traveling alone that they should be in touch any of family members and friends through phone, SMS, calls and regular emails. Register your trip with the Department of State online so that the embassy knows your presence in a country.

Be Alert & Show Confidence:  For staying safe and enjoying a pleasant, it is really necessary to use your common sense and don’t do such thing that can put you in danger. One more thing is also very important when you are traveling alone that is showing confidence. If you are lost somewhere, don’t lose your hope and study your route map to reach at an appropriate place.

Compiled for the women traveling alone, these tips can also be used by common travelers in order to enjoy a hassle-free journey.  

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