Tips to Survive Long Air Journey

In case you are planning a tour whether domestic or abroad with long flight journeys, then there are some tips you must follow to avoid any hassle in your trip. In fact, the long air journey can be very troublesome if you aren’t prepared well. Here, we are talking regarding the in-flight experience that can be completely spoilt or even get irritated when things aren’t planned well. So, whether you are going on a vacation or for business reasons, read on to this write-up to get familiar with some useful tips to make your in-flight journey an enjoyable and comfortable journey for you and other on-board travelers.

Choose the Right Seat

After booking the tickets or buying them from any travel agency, you get options for seat selection at check-in counter of the particular airline at the airport. Here, you can get some really good seats within the same fare and class. However, it all depends on you that how smart you play while checking-in and choosing your favorable preferences. For instance, if you want extra leg room than choose the aisle seat, similarly if you want to sleep and enjoy the outdoors then ask for the window seat. In addition, a special advice for those who are travelling with an infant or small child, never ask for an exit row seat. Needless to say, avoid seats close to the restrooms and lavatories because other passengers in the aircraft will be accessing these places frequently.

Get Something Entertaining for You Onboard

Long air travel can be very boring whether you are travelling alone or with family or friends. So, to evade this boredom, taking some things on a flight is certainly a good idea! Generally, all major flights provide movies and built-in music selection in the seats, but they are limited and the quality is not that good, even poor. So, pack iPod, mp3 player, iPad or Laptop, download your favorite music selections, movies and games to enjoy them while on long air journeys. In case, you are a game lover, you can bring portable games, Gameboy, or Nintendo D.S. To get involved in during the journey. Another entertaining thing can be a new book which you can read (only if you have an interest in reading).

Move Around to Avoid Body Ache / Be Prepared If You Want to Sleep

If it is a long air journey and you want to spend the time by sleeping, then it is essential to be well prepared for the same. Pack head restraint, or a travel pillow in your carry-on bag and do not take the inflatable ones (offered on the flight) as they can be very uncomfortable for your neck-room. After getting enough to sleep, the next important thing is moving around. It does not only prevent your body from aching (because of poor blood circulation) but will give you some relaxation as well. To move around, you can take a stroll up and down through the aisle a few times or just do some stretches on your seat.

Apart from these tips, try to get your own food, getting wax moldable over-the-counter earplugs, using restrooms frequently and drink water from time to time just to be hydrated on-flight for a comfortable long flight journey.

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