Top Destinations Having Strong Connection with Mahatma Gandhi

Freedom of India belongs to those thousands of people who gave their lives to fight against slavery of British. But if a single person deserves the whole credit of the independence of India, it is none other than Mahatma Gandhi. Born on 2nd October, 1869, he was the most important leader of the pre-independence era. He took India to a completely new level through revolutionary movements like non-violence, civil disobedience and Quit India. Gandhi is best recognized as ‘Father of the Nation’ or ‘Bapu’. These are some destinations that have strong link with Mahatma Gandhi.

Porbandar: porbandar gandhi palace

This small port town along the Gujarat coast is an important destination in Indian history due to being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. It also offers numerous of experiences to its visitors and is an ideal place to discover the immense past of the country along with Gandhian philosophy.

Champaran: champaran

On Gandhi’s returning from South Africa, he initiated his non-cooperation in a small way by awakening peasants against the European cultivators in Champaran (Bihar) and later on in Kheda (Gujarat). It was an important and non-violent fight against the British in India.

Amritsar: amritsar

We all know very well about the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, where huge numbers of innocent were killed brutally. Gandhi took strong decision and actions against British Raj for forming self-government and establishing Swaraj. He motivated Swadeshi policy and boycotted British goods and services.

Dandi: dandi march

Salt March of Dandi was a historical event that began in year 1930 and Gandhi produced salt without paying any taxes. A lot of followers were with them in this movement. This movement outraged British and he got arrested. Dandi is a small village in Gujarat.

Delhi: rajghat delhi

The capital city of India has been a platform for many movements and historical events. Many incidences have taken place here and Mahatma Gandhi was also assassinated in Delhi only on 30th January, 1948.

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