Top Shopping Destinations in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most colorful and heritage rich state of India. This rich culture heritage and colorful environment allures a huge of tourists from India and across the world. Along with the wonderful sights, sounds and delicious delicacies, Rajasthan offers incredible shopping experiences, which makes every traveler wish to take back a souvenir. In this charming state, you would find something for everyone, no matter what age they belong, what is their gender, preferences or budget. Right from colorful jewellery to appealing pottery, vividly crafted paintings to intricately woven bags, beautiful textiles to wooden to stone items and more – you will get a lot of options to choose from. The state of Rajasthan has a number of destinations where you can enjoy best shopping experience. If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan and want to get best of souvenirs back home, then read on to know the best destinations to get them. Read more about Rajasthan travel guide.

Jaipurjaipur tour

The Pink City- Jaipur, also the capital city of Rajasthan is best place to buy items with a rural touch to them. From this city, you will get variety of items to take back home as souvenirs. The items may range from jewellery, footwear, clothes and much more. In fact, you will get best of Jewellery in which you can find work done with gems, semi-precious stones and unique enamel work. Apart from jewelry, in textiles you’ll get a choice of sanganeri, dyed fabrics, hand block-printed textiles and kota doria saris. For artwork, you can shop miniature paintings, enamelware, blue pottery and brassware. Johari Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, MI Road, Chaupar stalls and Bapu Bazaar are some of the renowned markets for shopping. Read more about Jaipur tourist attraction.

Jaisalmerjaisalmer fort

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Best known for its intricate work, you can see a number of other items like startling embroidery, beautiful mirror work weave on fabric, rugs & blankets and stunning artwork on antiques. Mojris (hand-made footwear) are another good item to shop for. You can also buy jackets, camel-leather items and colorful fabrics from the markets. Some of the best shopping areas of the city are Bhatia Bazaar, Seema Gram, Rajasthani Government Shop, Gandhi Darshan and the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan (Emporium).

Bikanerbikaner travel guide

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The city of Bikaner is famous for stunning handicrafts that are made from the sheep and camel skin. These beautiful items include shoes, rugs, chairs, belts, wallets, bags and much more. Apart from these items, Bikaner is famous for food items, sweets and namkeen. Besides, one can get excellent quality of wool blankets, carpets, carpets, lacquer bangles, beaded and sequined gorbandhs, wooden antiques, light cotton quilts and nokha quilts. King Edward Memorial Road, Station Road and Junagarh Fort are some of the topmost shopping centres in Bikaner.

Pushkarpushkar tour guide

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Located close to Ajmer, Pushkar is famous for its enormous markets that offer leather goods, beads, colourful toys, pottery and miniature paintings. If you are planning a visit to Pushkar, then the best time to come here is during the world famous Pushkar Fair. During this fair, thousands of pilgrims come to this city and also enjoy folk performances as well as camel races while shopping. Apart from this worldwide famous fair, Sarafa Bazaar, Kedalganj Bazaar and Baza Bazaar are some of the other shopping places in Pushkar.

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