Top Things to Do on Pattaya Tour

Pattaya is a spectacular holiday destination in Thailand that is replete with lush green rice fields, heritage palaces and well known temples. It is popular among the travelers of modern generation, who are looking for fun, relaxation, shopping and peace of mind in a single tour. The city of Pattaya offers an extensive range of pastimes, several beach activities and other fantastic entertainment options. These activities can either be enjoyed right in the city or in the vicinity of Pattaya. If you are a fun freak and want to enjoy several activities during your trip, go for Pattaya tour and enter into a world of fun. Here is the list of various activities that you would love to enjoy during your trip to Pattaya.

banana rides in pataya


Banana Boat

In Pattaya, Banana boat rides are one of the most fun-filled activities that visitors can enjoy while their trip. Banana Boats are unpowered tube-shaped rubber boats that are generally pulled by a motor boat. These boats have seating capacity of up to six people. These rides are available almost everywhere along Pattaya coastline or on Jomtien beach.

cabaret show pattaya


Cabaret Shows

There are many cities in the world offering best cabaret shows. However, no one beats Pattaya from this aspect. The city proudly showcases its showgirls, which are in fact show-guys. Popularly called as the “ladyboy shows”, these are so popular that the city has several venues for enjoying them. These performances are the perfect display of extravagance and glamour that comprised of shiny costumes, excellent choreography and much more. These are must visit when you are in Pattaya

darts pattaya



At more than hundred venues in Pattaya, Darts can be played. In all around the Pattaya region, there are half a dozen of local darts league run by local bars and expats. If you enjoy game of darts, Pattaya has a lot to offer you.

deep sea fishing


Deep Sea Fishing

There are several excursions in Pattaya where you can enjoy fun fishing trips on chartered boats. Together with fishing, also enjoy booze. These fishing trips are organized by few of the Farang-run bars in all over Pattaya. There is normally a barbeque party at the venue of the organizing bar, starring the marine delicacies caught during day.

skydiving in pattaya



There are several skydiving spots in Pattaya. It also has institutes offering professional and safe skydiving and training courses at reasonable rates for beginners and experienced skydivers. From the first-time jump to an experienced fly, you can even capture each moment with video and photography services available here.

jet skiing in pattaya



Along the Pattaya Beach or Jontien Beach, Jet Ski rental is available. You can enjoy this exciting activity during your visit to Pattaya. While water scooter rentals, be careful of the typical frauds of Jet Ski operators who charge extra for any kind of damages.

cinema in pattaya


Cinemas & Theatre

Pattaya has three cinemas with awesome seating arrangement facility and where you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters or local movies. These movie theatres display both kinds of movies including of domestic Thai movies and international productions.


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