Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Famous for its rich heritage and splendid culture, India is the land of art, architecture, heritage and much more. Its rich heritage allures a number of tourists to discover its affluent past. It is home to 32 World Heritage Sites identified by the UNESCO. All of these are places of important due to cultural or natural heritage. Explore some of the most popular world heritage sites in India by UNESCO.

kaziranga wildlife

Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam

Situated in the state of Assam, Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the flood plains of the southern bank of Brahmaputra River. UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site in year 1985 for its special natural setting. The sanctuary was founded as a reserved forest to safeguard the diminishing species of rhinoceros in 1908. It witnessed several transformations from last many decades. At present, it is home to greatest population of the one-horned Indian rhinoceros. A number of mammals and birds species can be also spotted in the sanctuary.

mahabodhi temple, bodhgaya

Mahabodhi Temple Complex at Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Mahabodhi Temple Complex of Bodh Gaya is spread over an area of 12 acres and is a UNESCO World Heritage. This unique property is recognized for its cultural and archaeological significance. The place is so much admired and sanctified due to Gautama Buddha received enlightenment here in 531 BC under a tree. The main temple is built in Indian architectural style, which dates back to 5th and 6th centuries. The temple was built during the Gupta period. There is an Archaeological Museum inside the temple complex.

monuments in hampi

Group of Monuments at Hampi, Karnataka

Group of Monuments at Hampi is located in Karnataka state on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. Dravidian temples and palaces in Hampi have received much appreciation from the travelers. It is a significant Hindu religious centre, which has a number of temples and several other monuments that hold a place in World Heritage Sites’ List of UNESCO.

sun temple

Sun Temple at Konark, Orissa

Konark Sun Temple is a 13th century temple, which is also called as the ‘Black Pagoda’.  The temple is built in shape of a chariot with 24 wheels. It is marvelously adorned with exemplary stone carvings and carried by 6 horses. It is one of the most famous temples in India known for its amazing structure. The temple was listed as cultural property category of the World Heritage Sites in 1984 by UNESCO.

khajuraho temple mp

Khajuraho Group of Monuments, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho Group of Monuments is mainly comprised of Buddhist monuments dating back to 200 BC and 100 BC. The site has been developed during Mauryan Empire. These monuments feature a plenty of monolithic pillars, palaces, temples and monasteries in different position of conservation. For unique cultural importance, the monuments were marked as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on January 24, 1989.

tajmahal agra

Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, which was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. It is built over extensive Mughal Gardens, a 42-acre of land on the bank of Yamuna River. This mausoleum was built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan. The beauty and picture perfect view of this monument attracts a number of tourists from all over the world.

valley of flower

Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Parks, Uttarakhand

Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Parks are situated in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand and known for its meadows of widespread alpine flowers and exceptional natural exquisiteness. It was inscribed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.

hill forts rajasthan

Hill Forts in Rajasthan

Hill Forts of Rajasthan are the series of those forts that are sited on rocky protrusions of the Aravali mountain range in Rajasthan. They symbolize typical Rajput military hill architectures, which are characterized by its mountain peak settings to be utilized for protection. These forts are Amber Fort, Chittorgarh Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Gagron Fort, Ranthambore Fort and Jaisalmer Fort.

mumbai tour

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai

Earlier known as Victoria terminal, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a historic railway station in Mumbai. It features a gothic style of architectural landmark that is really exclusive. On 2nd July, 2004, the station was recommended to inscribe as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

ajanta caves

Ajanta Caves in Aurangabad, Maharashtra

These UNESCO World Heritage Sites are Buddhist Caves featuring 31 rock-cut cave monuments representing religious art of Buddhism. The caves feature ornately decked paintings and frescoes.

ellora caves

Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

Ellora Caves are cultural and religious blend of the Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism art and are known for their artistic creations. This cultural property has been inscribed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

the elephant cave

Elephanta Caves, Maharashtra

These are the network of sculpted caves positioned over Elephanta Island. The rock-cut architecture of the caves dates between 5th and 8th centuries. There are two groups of caves, including Buddhist Caves and Hindu Caves. The caves were chosen as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 due to exclusive art work.

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