Travel Guide for First Air Traveler

If it is the first time that you are travelling through the air, then you must have a lot of questions regarding what to do and expect on the journey. Well, the first thing you should keep in mind is that travelling by airplane is absolutely enjoyable and safe. However, knowing about things to do and what to expect in all phases of your air travel will make your air travel trip even more relaxing, fun-filled and moreover, you will become an expert air traveler before you even know it. In the following write-up, we have mentioned some smart tips which you must follow while planning your first air traveler. will help you to make your first air journey memorable. fi-air-canada-7

Pack Well & Print Your Tickets / Boarding Pass

Airplanes or say, airlines allow only a sufficient amount of luggage per person, therefore it is very important for you think well before doing packing for your onward journey. Only pack, what you think you will actually need during the travel or in the onward destination. You must also be aware that extra luggage might result in paying extra while checking-in the extra baggage. After packing, the next thing you must look for is the time of your flight and to do so, visit the airline’s website and find-out about the details as well as that if you will be able to check-in ahead of time or not. Nowadays, many airlines provide online check-in option, so, do your online check-in, which will keep you from having to wait in line at ticketing. All, you would have to do on the final day is arriving airport at the right time.

After Arriving At The Airport

Well, being an airport and a place where people come and go, it can be a bit noisy if you aren’t used to it. There will be lots of noise, security arrangements & lines and people will certainly be there when you arrive. Therefore, it is always advisable to arrive at least 90 minutes in advance. You will need to check-in the luggage bags, or get a print out of the boarding passes (if not done in advance) and many other last minute tasks. You will need a photo ID, like, driver’s license, and your reservation information ready. Find out your airline counter number and tell them, what kind of help you need, like, if you need to obtain your boarding passes, or check-in your bags. Now you just have to wait for your flight number announcement, and proceed for security arrangements.

Image sourceSecurity Measures

Security Measures

It is the most important step of any airplane journey. The Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA) has raised the status of security measures since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, and you must visit its website to know about the present list of acceptable items which are allowed on a plane before doing the packing. At the airport, you will be asked to get in the queue and grab a bin for your belongings. Take off your shoes and place them in the bin with anything else you have in your pockets, which will be scanned. You will also be asked to walk through a metal detector.takeoff plane in airport at sunset

Experience Airplane Taking Off

After going through security, you will be taken to the aircraft and the cabin crew will assist you to find your assigned seat. Settle down on your seat while placing the carry-on baggage in the overhead bins, buckle up and relax. Follow the instructions announced by the cabin crew and put-on the seat belt. Once the engine gets started, be prepared to experience the roar and thrust of it. You will feel yourself forced back into your seat and the plane will speedily reach 150 miles per hour or even more and lift off the ground at a vertical angle. After, about 30 seconds, the plane will stabilize and you will be get-going for a normal, yet memorable journey of life!

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