Visit Some Unusual Structures of the World

One can’t deny the fact that this world is full of masterpieces and non-traditional architectures. Many architects have created countless man-made structures and large buildings that not only amaze the visitors, but also have gone beyond the boundaries of nature. There are numerous incredible buildings in the world that are known for their far-out shapes, awe-inspiring designs, and unique styles. We have compiled some of the most remarkable structures in the world you love to visit. Visit for best holiday package deal.independence temple, missouri

Independence Temple, Missouri

It is a house of worship and education that is dedicated to the pursuit of peace. The charming architecture in Missouri dominates the skyline of the city. The temple is the key point of the headquarters of the Community of Christ. Built by the Community of Christ in response to a revelation, the architecture of the temple reminds the curved shell of the Nautilus with a stainless steel spire rising up to 300 feet. It presents an assortment of modern and traditional religious art from all around the world.Cubic Houses, Rotterdam

Cubic Houses, Rotterdam

These houses are shaped like cubes and sited at different standpoints over hexagon formed pylons. These unique sets of houses are located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and usually resemble like trees that are put together to form a unique kind of forest. These cubes are connected to each other and are 38 in numbers. These houses were designed by Piet Blom.Ren Building, Shanghai

Ren Building, Shanghai

It is an attractively designed building in Shanghai. Copenhagen’s Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) proposed this striking design of this building replicating the Chinese character of the person to correspond with Shanghai’s “Better City, Better Life” 2010 World Expo. The project was proposed for a hotel, sports and conference center. The building was visualized as two buildings blending into one. The first building that emerged from the water was dedicated for activities of the body and housed sports and water culture center. The other building that emerged from the land was dedicated to the spirit and enlightenment and housed tastefully equipped conference center.Wing Shape Zayed National Museum, Abu Dhabi

Wing Shape Zayed National Museum, Abu Dhabi

Situated on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE, this is the first museum in the island that showcases the history, culture and the socioeconomic transformation of the country. It features five wing-shaped towers projecting from an artificially landscaped mound having the galleries. The towers seem like thermal chimneys. The museum has different performance spaces. Its large auditorium boasts of a reminiscent set of presentations and films. The lobby blends with more venues to create perfect atmosphere for traditional performances, including poetry readings, music and dance.Basket Building, Ohio

Basket Building, Ohio

Built in the shape of a giant basket, this beautiful structure is a visual treat for those seeking to admire unique things of the world. It is situated in Ohio, USA and houses the headquarters of the Longaberger Basket Company. The unique building is an exact imitation of a normal shopping basket and 160 times larger than a Longaberger’s medium basket. Due to its exclusive shape, it turned into one of most prime tourist attraction points of the city. With a wonderful design preserving all the details, this unique building has two attached handles.Cybertecture Egg Office Building, Mumbai

Cybertecture Egg Office Building, Mumbai

Blending a natural shape with innovative technologies, this exclusive poultry-inspired office building is an architectural wonder for the visitors. The building is designed by a firm based in Hong Kong. The building boasts of an iconic architecture complimented with environmental design, excellent control systems, and evolutionary engineering. These features create the most exclusive building in the city of Mumbai. For Mumbai holiday package click here.

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