Destinations You Must See Before They Disappear

Traveling to any place is a fun experience. In fact, exploring exotic destinations is one of the major objectives for a true traveler. Mother Nature as well as man (early men) has built some of the stunning places and monuments in the world. It has always been said that like every good movie everything should be ended. This is quite similar in the case of few exotic destinations present in the world that are at the edge of vanishing or even declared by scientists to be finished soon. Some of them are ending because of man-made causes like global warming while some are being damaged by natural causes. In this write-up, we have mentioned some of the prone place that might disappear after the next ten or fifty years.

The Maldives

The MaldivesStudded with sparking white sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees, and deep blue sea, Maldives is an ideal retreat for holidaymakers and lovers. It is a beautiful island nation in the Indian Ocean an archipelago consists of more than 1190 islands and islets. Located at just eight feet above the sea level, this appealing holiday destination is destined to submerge into the sea due to the raising water levels due to the effects of global warming. So, plan a tour to Maldives now if you wish to visit it and be assured that you captured this place’s beauty before it’s too late to regret.

Venice, Italy

Venice, ItalyBeautifully positioned along the shores in-between the mouths of the Pieve and Po Rivers, Venice is believed to be one of the most romantic and oldest cities in the world. This world Heritage Site (the city as a whole) is best known for its picturesque settings, magnificent architectures and artworks. The city has been called by different people with different names such as, ‘City of Canals’, ‘the City of Bridges’, ‘Floating City’ and many more. Broadly surrounded by sea and other water bodies, this city is at the verge of sinking in upcoming few years. So, visit this place soon before it immerse in sea.

The Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Also known as ‘the Valley of the Gates of the Kings’, the Valley of Kings is located in the Theban Hills in west region of the Nile, in Egypt. This place is a major achievement in the history of the archeological excavations including ‘the Tomb of Tutankhamen’ and many of other. Thus, this place attracts a large number of history lovers and archeologists. However, it is in extreme danger due to the tourists ignoring rules, using flash photography, touching fragile surfaces as well as a damaging fungus, which may led to cause strict damage or might completely vanish the valley in next fifty years.

The Dead Sea

Bounded by Israel and the West Bank (W) and Jordan (E), the Dead Sea is the next in the list of attraction that may disappear in the upcoming years. Famous as one of the saltiest water bodies in the world and lowest dry points on earth, it is facing a high evaporation that is leading to level fluctuation since many years. According to scientific calculations, Dead Sea has been thinning around three feet every year. With this rate of evaporation and erosion, this scenic and iconic therapeutic natural wonder will be vanished in next few decades.

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