Places with Perfect Ambience to Write

There are many writers in the history of the English language who got inspired by nature and the surroundings in which they write. According to the famous writer Ruskin Bond “But the trees seemed to know me. They whispered among themselves and beckoned me nearer”. Soothing music, spectacular landscape, Solitude and scenic locales are a perfect delight for the writers.  If you are also a writing affectionate person and want to visit a beautiful and picturesque destination to pen down your thoughts, explore the below list of Indian destinations which are a perfect retreat for the writers. Be ready with your pen, writing pads or laptops and get inspired at some gorgeous Indian destinations.



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Nrityagram is a beautiful and scenic “gram” (village) in Bangalore and is particularly a dance village. This amazing village is founded by Protima Bedi who is a famous Odissi dancer. This is India’s very first village which is exclusively designed for various dance forms. This place is apt for writers because of the peaceful aura and this place encourages art of every kind and fills it with positivity. So if you are a writing aficionado do not forget to visit this village at your next Bangalore tour.


saputara tour

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It is one of the perfect places for writers. Saputara is an astounding hill station located in Gujarat and attracts various travelers and writers who are seeking for a peaceful and calm destination. This destination is so beautiful and spectacular that it can definitely inspire writers with its beauty and charm.  The pleasing and soothing surrounding of Saputara is a true delight and offers a secluded space to the writers so that they can pen down their thoughts.


mussoorie tour

Mussoorie is the home of the most famous and iconic writers Ruskin Bond. Ruskin Bond uses to stay in one of the cottages here. This place inspired him to give some of the really awesome pieces of writings. This scenic hill station is placed nicely in the Himalayan range and is also called as ‘The Queen of Hill Stations’. Writers can visit here and indulge in beautiful affairs with words.

Kangra Valley

kangra valley

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Kangra Valley is located in Dharamshala and is a really beautiful place. This destination is an ideal place for the writers as they can here indulge in creating a beautiful piece of writing by romancing with words. The spell binding beauty and charm of this place is so alluring that it magnetizes people from all over the country and the tranquility and peace of Kangra Valley is another major reason it is a perfect place for the writers.

Lake Pulicat

lake pulicat

Is the gushing sound of water and serene waves of turquoise blue water overlapping each other inspires you? If yes then you would surely like this place. Lake Pulicat is located in Tamil Nadu and the beautiful landscape of this place is a perfect ambience for writing. You can here spend hours in the picturesque aura while penning down your thoughts and watching the beauty of nature.

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